During this time of the COVID 19 pandemic, we have been strictly following Government orders and our clinics have been shut to limit the spread of the virus. Now, as per Government orders, we have opened our Dwarka Clinic. 

Strict protocols of sanitiation, fumigation and social distancing are being followed as per National and International Guidelines.

At the present time, we can only offer limited in – clinic services so that appropriate physical distancing is maintained. Preference is being given to those patients that need immediate and emergent consultation. We do understand that you may need to reach out to us for consultation and so, for your  convenience, we are available for ONLINE CONSULTATION.

How  this Online Consultation works:

  1. Once the payment ( https://rzp.io/l/consult  ) is made you will be automatically diverted  to this site.
  2. On the bottom right of the page is the Chat consultation plugin.
  3. Please click on the chat plugin & fill in your details.
  4. For any issues, please WhatsApp the clinic reception on +91-9350303663

Protocol to be followed when you visit the clinic:

We are following the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and CDC Guidelines to limit the spread of virus. Therefore, we request you to cooperate with the following points when you visit the clinic

  1. Please wear a cloth mask at all times.
  2. Only two patients are allowed inside the clinic at a time.
  3. Kindly reach at the correct time. If you reach at the incorrect time and there are already two patients inside the clinic, you will have to wait outside in the car
  4. No sitting/ waiting, wash room will be provided.
  5. You will be asked to fill a declaration form as per government guidelines. Please carry your own pen. 
  6. Cash transactions to be avoided. Mobile payments are advised
  7. Any  accompanying attendent will have to stay outside clinic.

For any inquiries please message us